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                                                                  's   creative partnership was born in the Heart of Nashville, TN.                                                                                                          

                                                                     's  brand can be described as an Entertainment Services and Consulting Brand that is committed to bringing fun, unique events,  experimental marketing, and fundraising to all demographics.  

                                                                    's  Mission Statement is to bring the amazing Nashville community and Nation together.  This will be accomplished through  Art, Creative Events, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Music, Sports, and Technology. Giving back to the Nashville Community in an unforgettable way.  Helping to create local jobs, marketing for regional and national brands, raising awareness of the amazing Nashville Community, and generating revenue for regional Vendors.


                                  's  Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer is Andrew Sanhueza. He was born and raised in Kansas and is very Proud of his   American,  Swiss, and Chilean   Heritage.  Andrew moved to Nashville after being a  Certified  Water, Mold, and Fire  Restoration  Professional, Back-to-Back Student Body President of Labette Community College, completing two associates degrees, Back-to-Back   Cardinal Top 20 Student, Student Ambassador Treasurer, and All-State Academic team for PTK.

                          After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, with a B.A. in Entrepreneurship he Tri-Founded an Entertainment Installation Company with his family.  He has been a Catering Coordinator,  Door Manager at a  Top 10 Venue in Nashville, while also working in the Entertainment Industry with various roles.  Andrew completed the Belmont Meeting & Event Planning Certificate in 2016. Currently, Andrew is a Partner of Forbes Jewelers, Whiskey Solider, and Red Diamond Records.

                            Andrew is very proud to be a volunteer coach at East Nashville Little League for an 11-13-year-old team the past five years. The East Nashville Braves are back-to-back-to-back-to-back regular season champions and 2019 Tournament Champions. He enjoys traveling and making people happy!


                                 's other Co-Founder and Event Manager is David Bell.  David has been producing and promoting Concerts and Events in Middle Tennessee since the Fall of 2009.  Being born and raised in the heart of Nashville, and as a Metro Nashville Public School graduate, he has a strong commitment and passion for the  Nashville community.  David is a proud volunteer at East Nashville Athletics as a Baseball coach for the 11-13-year-old teams for over 4 years back when it was known as the Jess Neely Little League. TN.

                           Only a few of our Coaching  Highlights include Back-to-Back Regular Season Champions,  and David was the Head Coach when Jess Neely 11-13 year-olds won the District Title.  We are both avid Vanderbilt, Predators, and Titans supporters.





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